How to Cut a 1-yr olds Hair

It’s been tricky with this one. He does NOT like to sit, forget about sit when I want him to and then play with his hair for 20 minutes. He waves and flinches and fusses. Sudden movements and super sharp hair scissors do NOT mix…

Fortunately he’s only needed about 2 haircuts so far, but for his third I decided to try a new tactic.

The Sleeping Monster. First you need to get him to nap on top of a towel…

And if I move slooooowww, and try to keep the hair off his face…

Then ever so carefully turn him over. (mental note for next time – wait 10 minutes to make sure he’s back asleep…)
Oh, this must tickle. Somewhere in his dream he’s being tickled.

Ok – as you were!
I’ll bet he wakes up itchy.

Yep – that’s an “I’m awake and ITCHY – what the HECK?!?” kind of face.

Oooh, well. I’ll touch it up next nap.

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