Homeschool #001 – Here we go!

(Tt’s “school” picture – LOVE it! Just have to add in that cheesy
blue marbley background to match the girls pics)

Tt and I are “trying out” homeschooling this year. Tt is 4 1/2 years old, so we’re just now in that odd – confused – no idea what we’re getting ourselves into stage… My theory (such as it is) is that we find out as much about homeschooling as we can this year, try to get into a rhythm of meeting people, attending field trips and doing activities at home and if we get hooked, we get hooked! If not, it’s never too late to throw him into a Kindergarten somewhere.

Finding out about homeschooling… Unschooling? Home Learning? Traditional Learning? Charlotte Mason learning? Home Educating? Non-traditional learning? Structured learning? De-schooling? Independend Study Programs? Oy. I’ve decided rather than do all the de-coding, I’ll just spend the year figuring out how WE want to learn, then let someone tell us what that’s called. Ya. Sounds good. (Already I’m avoiding homework – we must be headed towards “un” schooling !)

(Tt learning about magnetism…)

The comments I get most so far are definately geared towards socialization – it’s a popular question. But it is a rather silly one if you think about it. Who says being stuck with 30 – 200 people your exact age for 12 years is the only way to learn social skills (or a healthy way, for that matter)? When else in our life are we stuck with ONLY people our own age all day? And how many people at a school will you really find that share your values and love of learning (which is really all I hope to instill)? 5? We’ll aim for quality socializations over quantity.

(Then again, I guess we’ll see what letting a 4-yr old boy hang out with too many teenage girls NOT his age does to a kid’s “socialization” skills…)

We’re pretty social as it is, so I’m not worried. We often have a houseful of kids – our own 4, their friends, and adults of all ages. We attend church regularily and later Tt + Boo will attend youth groups. We’ve found 2 or 3 homeschool groups where we’ve been getting to know other kids of various ages (and Moms) (also of various ages). And we meet more and more families just like us – starting out on this crazy adventure called “being with your Kids a whole dang lot”.

Oh, next comment we often get from people – “I couldn’t do that”, or the extended version, which is what they really mean, “I couldn’t be with my own kids all day every day!”. Well, I’m expecting the odd rough patch with us 3 spending a wholelotta time together, but I’m sure everyone has rough patches with their kids whether they see them all day or not. PLUS, my Kids are awesome. seriously, look at that face below – AWESOME.

(Backyard Time)

And then there’s “it sounds like so much work!”. I don’t know – getting up early every am to rush about getting everyone dressed and barely fed breakfast and out the door, into the car with half a lunch and books flying about everywhere and having a few hours to run errands or do some work before heading back through traffic to pick them up again and THEN rush them over to activities before heading home for homework and scraping up a dinner and then finally having an hour of “family time” (GO! quick!) before flopping exhausted into bed – that all sounds like a whole lot more work to me. We’ve tried a bit of both – I definately prefer sleeping in, and having Monday “Jammies Days”, and seeing my car a bit less, and enjoying a nice, long breakfast and latte with my Kids every day, and… ahhhh. Three cheers for less “work”!

(Taking full advantage of “Jammie’s” Day)
(Kids and “media” – a whole ‘nother topic…)

So, we’ll see how it goes.
We’re kind of in a rhythm, and so far all enjoying it immensely.
Looks like we’ll last the year. Next year? We’ll see…

3 Responses

  1. We unschool (our kids are 5, 15 months, and 3 weeks old) and we LOVE IT! You’re right about people always asking the same questions and saying the same things.

    P.S. Why stop pajama day at Monday? 🙂

  2. MrsM : I like your P.S. way of thinking there! Lol. Although I’m sure it’s not easy playing soccer in one’s jammies…

  3. Your “responses” are right on! I’m just starting homeschooling after being a workin-outside mama and it is SOOO refreshing not to be racing everywhere!

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