Boys + their Weapons…

My two youngest are BOYS. And they are soooo different than the GIRLS. We had the girly-girl, with all her cute little Polly Pockets and Princesses, and we had the sporty-spice with her rough-n-tough attitude and worn out sneakers. We crafted, we chatted, we baked, we giggled (a lot!). I can’t even describe how many thousands of miles (or kilometers) away that is from “the little boy”.

Don’t get me wrong, Tt and Boo are SWEET! Tt has actually teared up at an emotional movie the other day (OHMYGOSH how sweet is THAT!?!?). Boo is a little snuggle that I could just squish with kisses over and over. But boys have layers. They may have fewer layers than girls, but they have ’em. Inside is the mushy-soft “I really love you, Momma” huggie layer; then comes the regular just hangin’ out layer; then there’s the crazy insane laughter layer (or was that the “too much sugar” layer?); the competitive/sporty layer, and last the crusty outer layer that most Mom’s would just love to throw out with the trash – the WAR layer.

Now, let me preface by saying I take MUCH responsibility for this in Tt, and as a result, Boo. We basically have 4 “adults” in our house, and can’t/don’t always monitor what is being shown on our TV when the boys are around. Tt is in LOVE with Star Wars and has seen all six movies many times (unfortunately, so have I…). Fighting. Guns. Weapons. Wars.

But even without that, I wonder how unavoidable it really is. Teenage Mutant Turtles – fighting. Kung Fu Panda – fighting. Video Games – FIGHT-ing! Watching hockey – fighting. Water guns – fighting. Learning about Medieval times – Knights – fighting. Even in our schoolwork! I-ya.

I actually don’t mind it – boys will be boys. A generation ago it was Cops and Robbers. Cowboys and Indians. Good guys have to chase someone – what, are they just going to hang out and have tea?? Bad guys don’t do tea.

The problem really only comes when trying to kung fu a little brother. Or shoot down a grampa going in for a hug. We try to have rules, like “no shooting at real, live people” or “no karate chopping your little brother” or “don’t kill your sister, please”. Otherwise, it’s every man, woman and child for himself.

It amazes me how much of an art warfare can be. He has the duck and tuck – James Bond style (and no, I have not shown him the movie) (yet) – in and around garbage bins. He has about 40 different sounds for weapons of all kinds from sword swishes to canon blast. He can take ANY toy – even a fluffy bunny – and make it into a weapon with his crazy imagination.

And of course, the little brother being so influenced by the older, Boo has already mastered the handling of a (plastic) sword and the light-saber. (They battle – it’s super-cute!).

So, being the ever-eager, just-starting-out homeschooling mom that I am (!), we’re taking HIS interest and making into a LESSON! We’ve been taking his new-found love of Knights to introduce the Medieval era. We visited the Colloseum this summer (Gladiators) and started to talk about Ancient Rome. A week or two ago I started telling him about a war between Britian/France. I’m going to teach him about the Samuri next, by way of their unique weapons. At this point, I think he’d learn just about anything I introduced if it was associated with a cool weapon. And I don’t think he’d ever forget it.

Boys. Aren’t they just so precious??

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