Gardening : Trial Runs + Beginnings

Garden time!
I haven’t planted a garden since my Grampa died, over 10 years ago. Gardens remind me of him. Then, and now, I just have never seen the point of planting anything I can’t EAT.


This was my “trial run” – potted herbs bought from the grocery store.
They have neared death many times already.
We seem to be in a steady two-way relationship now.
I water every day, they make my food yummy every day.


This was a sunflower seed we planted at a homeschool group. Our bean-stalk project last year birthed ONE BEAN before it died, so we’ll see how we do with this one… So far, so good.


All was well, so we ventured this past day off into deeper waters.
Tomato starters.


A blueberry plant (apparently we need a second so it can “mate” – who knew??).
And should I even ask – WHAT is mushroom fertilizer? Do mushrooms actually poop??


Red AND PURPLE!! raspberries. I never knew there WERE purple raspberries! I hope they don’t taste like crap, because I’m really excited! They’d better grow…


More herbs…


And the piece de resistance – an APPLE TREE for our front yard!
Tt was so excited about his blueberries and his apple tree, he actually snuggled them the whole way home.
I hope he’s just as excited about weeding…

Let the growing begin!





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From the Mouths of Babes – Too much TV??

I’m beginning to think spend too much time in front of TV’s around here… And we don’t even have cable!

What do you think?


Tt: “Did you know that herbivores have flat teeth and carnivores have sharp, pointed teeth?”

Mom: (imagining he got this from one of our many informative, educational books) “Where did you learn that from?”

Tt: “A Shark Tale (movie), where Lenny tells Oscar…”

Mom: *sigh*.


Tt: (going over to Boo, with a scary-sounding voice) “Looks like the freak wants to play…”

Mom: “Wha??!”

Tt: “OH, that’s from the Spiderman video game, Mom”.

Ooohhh. Of course.


Last time we watched “Kung Fu Panda”, Tt recited just about every line.
And acted out all the fight sequences.
Then he stood up and declared himself a “TV actor”.


His latest is to follow Boo around chanting, “Waaaariors, come out to plaaaaaay.”
Don’t worry – he hasn’t actually seen the Warriors. Even we have limits!


I could go on forever. TT goes on forever – he’s an ongoing dialouge of 1-liners. He literally does not stop talking the entire day long.
Obvious, isn’t it…





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Homeschool #016 – Can’t see the Trees for the Forest

Tt, in our “first year” of homeschooling, has learned many, MANY things. He could name over 20 species of sharks by the time he was just over 2 1/2. He can draw elaborate stories in pictures. He can tell you the names of at least 40 various Star Wars characters – as well as which scenes they were in, and in which of the 6 movies they appeared. He can tell you all about Ancient Egypt, Medieval times and knows the difference between a Gladiator and a Knight. He has travelled to Paris and backpacked through Italy. He can draw our home – accurately – in 3D. He knows what a “striker” and a “keeper” are. In short, he’s seen and learned a huge variety of stuff.


(trying to  build a pyramid out of sugar cubes, a la PW)

And I’m all thinking we’re up on it, doing well, keeping up with “other kids” – until we happen upon one of these other kids… Then, usually after an hour or so of playing, I look at Tt and realize – whether telling left from right or tying your shoe, there was a little boy who didn’t know what to do!

p4130004(I must admit, it was NOT very structurally sound… maybe it was the glue?!)

In all our adventures in books, walks, playgroups, field trips, etc, we’ve seen many BIG things – and I’ve completely missed and/or forgotten to teach him BASIC things! Many a “D’oh!” moment has occurred.

Now, once in awhile this has been intentional – what adult doesn’t know his left from his right? He’ll learn it when he needs it. I assume he’ll figure it out one day, go back to studying bugs on our walk, and don’t give it another thought. Until “other kids” bring it up again. D’oh!

p4130034(voila! or whatever “there it is!-ish” is in Egyptian. I don’t think they have a heiroglyphic for that…)

I can’t help wondering if not purposely integrating the basics into our teaching will come back to bite him in the butt one day. Maybe. He really doesn’t seem to care, and I’m mostly comfortable with the bigger picture of what we’ve been doing. But for now, we’re looking past the individual tree and just enjoying our meanderings through the entire forest – one step at a time.

Enjoy learning something today!





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tuesdays for tea 09.04.14

p4030021Ahhhh, another tea, another tuesday, another random chat about nothiing much in particular.

It is a GORGEOUS, warming up, sunny day out here in Vancouver! That just lifts the spirit any day.

Since my “garden trials” turned out ok (more on that later), we decided yesterday on our extra day off to head out to the nursery and pick up some PLANTS! I haven’t gardened since my Grampa died, over 10 years ago. I really miss it.

Of course, everything we picked up to plant is EDIBLE. I just can’t see the point of planting something I can’t either eat or cook with. We’ve decided since we hardly use our front yard, to plant an apple tree there. We bought a variety of tree that actually has FOUR different types of apples all spliced together! We don’t dare hope to get an apple this year, but it’d sure be nice. I also planted 4 raspberry bushes along our side fence – 2 red and 2 purple so they can cross-p0linate, which is apparently important. We planted only 1 blueberry bush, so we’ll have to grab another for the same reason. We’re also planting lots of tomatoes and herbs! Bigger post on all that to follow when I regain strength in my extremeties from all that digging, weeding and turning of soil.

We’re thinking of hiring a “sleep therapist” for Boo. He woke up at 3:00, 3:30 and Hubby took him straight back into bed. The second time he gave him milk, which usually konks him out, but at 4:00 he was back. I stayed up with him on the living room floor, squirming all over the danged place, until 5:00am. We won’t last another year of this. I’ll track his sleeps first – what we did the day before vs. how he slept, bedtime routine, etc. If I can’t figure it out from that, perhaps the sleep therapist can.

So, off to make my tea this morning! I think I’ll take it straight up, no “latte’ing” the heck out of it today.

Have a wonderful tuesday!





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Easter Weekend

I spent much of Easter long weekend with complete and utter fatigue, and almost-migraines, despite the mass caffiene intake… ThankGOODNESS for Advil or it would have been a complete write-off.

HOWEVER, there were many a hilight to the weekend…

  • Thurs pm after Hubby was finished work we went out to pick up MIKEY!mikey-1
  • Friday Hubby + Tt went to see “Monsters vs. Aliens”, which according to one was “the worst” and to the other “great”. You can guess who said which.monsters-aliens
  • Friday was also filled with cat snuggles… And the girls were home for the weekend! YAY! We rented movies, ate junk + chilled. Sweeeeet.p4100122
  • Saturday I drove A to her vball tourney for the day, while Hubby and the other 3 played. We came home to a wonderful lamb, caesar and corn dinner. YUM! The girls didn’t play as well as they’d hoped, but I did a DANG-GOOD job at scorekeeping, so at least one of us did well!
  • Oh, and Momma beat Hubby at a game of crib. Guess it was just MY weekend!
  • Sunday am we were all up for waffle breaky and Easter service. A man in a kilt played my all-time favorite song – Amazing Grace – on the bagpipes. Beautiful.
  • Then out to the mall for Japanese for lunch. All you can eat. We ate 56 items between 6 of us. And only stopped because it was taking so long anyhow. Then I took Hubby next door to the pet store and introduced him to our next pet – a Beagle.
  • Momma + Tt read some books and did an “easter craft” of painting eggs to paste to a basket. We’ll take it to SFran with us in another TEN DAYS for my Bro + wife.
  • The 4 kids played at home after being outside. Spontaneously! So nice to watch. Leaves a warm, fuzzy feeling in my heart – especially thinking of B going off to Uni soon…noname-1
  • Momma made “Breaky for Dinner” – eggs benny. YUM! A + Momma were already tired after lunch, so we changed into our jammies right away – before walking to the corner for groceries! I’m sure people thought we were strange. We took this pic to show how strange we were – even though you can’t even see our jammies and rain boots. Trust me, we looked ridic-ulus.3
  • Right after dinner B + Hubby went out for a drive around her soon-to-be-new campus together! They had great chats and a nice time, from what I’m told.
  • I set up “Cozy Corner” for Boo + Tt to watch some cartoon while B, A, Hubby and I watched “Sex in the City” movie. OF COURSE, I bawled. Again.


  • Hubby and Momma taught A how to play crib, while B started a bake-a-thon with her friend (for the record, Angel Food cake from scratch is SOOOOGOOOOOD!). Momma won. Again.

Ahhhh. The girls go off tomorrow am, but we still have one whole day at home – what to do! Clean the house? Put down soil for my tomatoes? Do some more work? Sit around and eat leftover French Butter cake and Angel Food cake?? The options are endless.

Regardless, it’s been a lovely, relaxing weekend with no one much about except us 6.
Just wonderful.
I hope your weekends were all filled with great memories too.



Happy Easter!


From the Kents.



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