the Poetry of Life – #006

p4090046Rain, rain
What do I say?
You make things grow
You’re great, that way.
And my kids like to jump
In every puddle
Even if it puts
Their jeans in a muddle.
I must confess, though
That as for me
I’d rather have sun
And leave water to the sea.
But if you must come
A day or two is fine -
If that’s all you last,
I really don’t mind.
It’s the longer monsoons
Where my yard you flood,
And it just doesn’t look good
With all of that mud.
I can surely do
Without all that muck,
So I gotta tell you
That sometimes you suck.

copyright 2009 AKent





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4 Responses

  1. Ha-ha! You’re poetic and funny!

    Yeah, I couldn’t live in a place where it rains all the time. You’d have to lock me up.

    Of course, I don’t exactly love the weather here either. I need to move to Hawaii.

  2. Mindee : I’ll meet you there! Hawaii here we come!
    We’d have to “commute” for half a year – I’m sure there we’d complain that it’s too hot all the time ;-).

  3. ha! Love the poem, nicely done! :)

  4. Tabitha : Lol – thanks! Does it rain much where you are??

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